Freshmen Students

Preparation for Entomology Major

  • High School Preparation - Recommended as part of, or in addition to the UC Admission Requirements:
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • English Composition
    • Mathematics (3 years)
    • Physics

Taking AP courses in any of the following courses: Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, Statistics, and English, could be helpful in preparing for college level course work. 


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Tips for Scheduling - Freshman

  1. For your first quarter at UC Davis, we highly encourage you to sign up for no more than 13 units. It’s your first quarter at UC Davis and the quarter system moves quickly! After your first quarter, you may be able to raise your units to 15-17 units, but check in with the Major or Master Advisor to look at your academic plan!
  2. Opt for Chemistry (CHE) 2A over the Biological Sciences (BIS) series! CHE 2A is a good introduction to a college-level science course. You will need to complete CHE 2A and 2B as a prerequisite for Organic Chemistry (CHE 8A/8B) and will need these prerequisites for most of your classes. It’s good to start early!
  3. Partner Chemistry (CHE) and Mathematics (MAT) 16/17/21 series together. You’ll be able to complete both series your first year! And set yourself up well for your upper division courses.
  4. Save BIS 2ABC series for 2nd year (or late 1st year).
  5. Physics series can be finished later – either during your 3rd or 4th year! It’s not a prerequisite for any of your ENT courses!
  6. ENT 1 and ENT 10 are GREAT introductory courses for you to take!
  7. Balance! Make sure to balance your science courses with General Education courses. Most of your preparatory courses will fulfill your SL units, so try to get classes to fulfill AH or SS. Click here for a GE Sheet to see your requirements.
  8. When registering for classes, check the Finals schedule too! You don't want to end up having to take 3 back-to-back finals in one day!

Tutoring Map

Tutoring Map


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